Cell Phone Program 

 Criteria for applicants:

  • Should have a protective order (or have applied for one) barring contact with the abuser
  • Be a resident of Prince William County, Manassas City or Manassas Park
  • Be living separately from the abuser
  • Be a victim of domestic abuse, stalking, or violation of a protective order
  • Show a willingness to help themselves by enrolling in a support group, participating in counseling, etc.
  • Cooperate fully with the Police Department in any investigation of the abuser and assist the Commonwealth’s Attorney in prosecuting when an arrest is made

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 Priority is given to applicants whose abusers:

  • Have been physically violent with children in the household
  • Have been known to have weapons and/or have made threats with weapons
  • Have caused injuries which required medical treatment or hospitalization
  • Have beaten the applicant when she is pregnant
  • Have shown an increase in frequency and/or severity of abuse during the past year
  • Have been actively stalking the victim
  • Are incarcerated, and are about to be released and have made threats from jail
  • Have a history of being charged with violent offenses

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 The cellular phone may be recalled if the applicant:

  • Allows the abuser to move into the home
  • Contacts the abuser for any reasons other than court proceedings
  • Fails to cooperate with the police Department or the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office
  • Secures or provides the abuser’s bail/bond
  • Initiates false 911 calls
  • Fails to make timely phone contact on a bi-monthly basis with the program coordinator

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