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New School Named after Fallen Police Officer Chris Yung
Tuesday, 1 September 2015
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​On Dec. 31, 2012, Prince William County Police Motorcycle Officer Chris Yung, 35, died as the result of a traffic accident at Va. 28 and Piper Lane when he was on his way to help others involved in a separate accident a few miles away. On Aug. 27, 2015, the county's newest school received his name.

During a ribbon cutting ceremony at the school, at 12612 Fog Light Way in the Bristow area, Prince William Board of County Supervisor's Chairman, Corey A. Stewart, said that the school would be a reminder of Yung's sacrifice. "The thousands of children who attend this school over the next several decades will learn of Chris, of his legacy in the United States Marine Corps, as a Prince William County police officer, as a kind and loving son and husband and father, as somebody that all children can look up to as they go forward with their own lives."

Prince William County Police Chief Steve Hudson said everyone in the department was "grateful and encouraged" to be allowed the opportunity to be at the naming and ribbon-cutting ceremony.

"What's in a name?" Hudson asked the crowd of about 300. "It's pretty cool to see Chris Yung Elementary School, here on the program, outside on the sign. What's in a name? You hear that question sometimes. You only have to think on that for a moment before you realize that it's really what's behind the name that matters. What's behind Chris Yung's name is a man – as you've heard already described tonight – a man of character, a man of selfless, sacrificial service to his nation and his community, a man with a tremendous family legacy."

Hudson also thanked the community for asking that the school be named after Yung and the Prince William County School Board for voting to adopt Yung's name. "We're very grateful to the community for the ground swell of support for Chris Yung's name being used for this school; certainly to the school board for its unanimous adoption of the name, for all that it will mean for the legacy to come, decades and generations of kids that pass through these doors. Chris' character, his life of selfless service, his ethics, his professionalism will all be the mantra by which this school can operate."

Yung's widow, Robin, came to the ceremony with their sons Bate, 13, Clayton, 12, and 8-year-old daughter, Paige. She told the audience of the wedding anniversary that she and Chris would have shared on the date of the naming ceremony. "I never would have thought, 15 years later, I would have been standing here, as his widow, in front of you in this ceremony dedicating an elementary school in Chris' memory."

Yung spoke of her husband's virtues of being a "devoted husband, a loving son and brother and a dedicated friend to all" and of his kind-heart and a smile that would "brighten everyone's day." She said those qualities prompted people to petition for the naming of the school. "The name of the school was not done for his family. Rather, it was done for him. If Chris were here today, he would be humbled and honored. On behalf of Chris, I would like to thank those who made this possible."

Prince William County Supervisors Maureen Caddigan, John Jenkins, Pete Candland and Jeanine Lawson also attended the ceremony. Lawson, the Brentsville District Supervisor, said she remembered when construction on the school began. "As I was walking up, I was recalling the groundbreaking ceremony, which was about 18 months ago. To walk up and see this... I thought, 'What a beautiful building to learn in for our kindergarten through fifth graders. Most importantly, what an honor to name it after Officer Yung.'"

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