Doing the Right Thing
Tuesday, 15 April 2014
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​Rebekah Fulton doesn’t have much to say about why she bought a hungry family dinner one night last October. She just chalks it up as the “right thing to do.”

Late last year, firefighters of Engine 502 with the Prince William Department of Fire and Rescue, Station 2, returned from a call to find Fulton, a Technician I, tending to a mother and her two children. The family had been to the station in Woodbridge on other occasions seeking various types of assistance, but this time Fulton saw that the woman’s 7-year-old daughter was developing hives. Fulton knew from previous visits that the child was prone to allergies, but hives were new. Fulton called for a medic to help the girl.
In talking to the mother, Fulton learned that the family’s pediatrician had phoned in a prescription to a local pharmacy. The mother didn’t own a car and told Fulton that she planned to go to a local convenience store in the hope of finding someone she recognized who could drive her to the pharmacy.
Fulton knew that the girl’s condition required immediate attention, so she called the pharmacy to confirm that the prescription was ready to be picked up and drove the family to the pharmacy.
During the drive, the children said that they were hungry. So, after picking up the prescription, Fulton took the family to a local restaurant for a meal. To complete her mission, Fulton drove the mother, her daughter, her 10-year-old son home after dinner since it was after dark, and walking might have been dangerous for the family.
Fulton was named Prince William County Employee of the Month for January for her act of kindness.
Dewayne Spitzer, Prince William County Department of Fire and Rescue Battalion Chief, said he was proud of Fulton. “She just brings total pride to the team.”
Prince William County Fire and Rescue Chief Kevin McGee said he, too, was proud that Fulton took the initiative to help people. “The caring and compassion that she showed to people who are in need really goes to the core of the values we have in our department. She demonstrated that in a very powerful way.”







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