“Walk to School Day” Encourages Safe and Healthy Activities
Tuesday, 15 October 2013
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​“Walking is Cool.” That’s the message on the pencils and stickers firefighters handed out to elementary school students across Prince William County during the recent “Walk to School Day.”

Prince William County Fire and Rescue Assistant Battalion Chief Lance McClintock visited Featherstone Elementary School. He said that Fire and Rescue hosts the event for roughly 1,500 students from 30 elementary schools across the County to encourage children to walk in a safe environment and be healthy. “We do this to build our relationship with the community, particularly with the schools to promote walking to school in a safe environment. It also stresses the importance of physical fitness, whether it occurs at school or taking the time to do that outside of school.”
Woodbridge Supervisor Frank J. Principi (as seen above) also visited Featherstone Elementary School to support the event and said he came out to “encourage our children to walk to school and get some exercise with their friends.”
Featherstone Elementary School Counselor Dana Smith said she, too, noticed happy faces as the children met some new people along with some they knew on their way to school. “They enjoyed it so much. I noticed their faces lit up when they saw different people on the route. That lets them know that we’re promoting healthiness too. It was really exciting. I enjoyed it.”
Smith said the event would be the kickoff to start the children on a track to physical fitness for the rest of the school year. “I think it helps by letting the students know that you can do something very simple and have fun and be fit. You don’t have to be in sports. You can do something very simple that you normally do in your regular routine and enjoy it and have fun.”
Smith went on to say that, she encouraged the students to get their families involved as well. “I tell them to walk to the park with their families. Ride your bikes. Get active. Do something simple and fun that will help you stay healthy.”







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